How to Choose Quality Himalayan Cliff Honey

It's important to know what to look for when buying Himalayan Cliff Honey. Our Cliff Honey is fully Certified by Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture and traceable to the source. Purchase with confidence.


We’re a collective of local honey hunters dedicated to creating a sustainable market for our Himalayan cliff honey. We take a principled approach to our harvests, guided by ancient Nepali beekeeping practices. All of our suppliers follow strict, traditional guidelines to ensure that our bees and our people are protected and treated fairly.


Doing Our Part to Protect the Future of Himalayan Cliff Honey

Picture a man dangling from a rope ladder flung over the edge of a cliff, 300 feet above rocky ground, and certain death. He’s face to face with massive, crescent-shaped beehives teeming with the world’s largest honey bees. He invokes the blessings of Rangkemi, the Guardian Spirit of the Bees, and then, grasping painfully small handholds of rock, he begins the arduous task of collecting honey.

This might sound like the scene from a movie, but it’s how the mad honey hunters of Nepal have been collecting their sticky, mind-expanding prize for millennia. These hardy individuals risk life and limb to collect the world’s most intoxicating honey. And yet, they have no fear. Their culture has been protecting the bees for countless generations, and they believe the Spirit of the Bees protects them in return.

But Rangkemi faces a new threat. Once unknown and inaccessible to the rest of the world, the hives are now facing illegal honey poachers and dangerous overharvesting. The Nepalese government is doing what it can, but the real work of protection falls to local Nepali villagers, as it has for as long as we can remember. These unprecedented dangers require constant vigilance to keep them at bay.

That’s why Honey Nepal created our Honey Hunting Fund. It gives money directly to those in the best position to affect positive change. It’s our way of protecting the traditions central to our way of life while ensuring that Rangkemi and his legions of bees can continue their essential work.


We donate one dollar to fight the good fight for every jar of Himalayan cliff honey we sell. To these funds, we add all of the profit we make from our pashmina shawls. This money goes directly to local honey hunters and their families to bolster their existing conservation efforts and help support their way of life.

We prefer traditional Gurung suppliers that use time-tested, ancient honey hunting techniques. These practices are non-intrusive, designed to extract honey without harming the hive or its residents, creating sustainable harvests that honor our ancestors’ traditions and the Spirit of the Bees.

We work with our suppliers to help refine their techniques, fusing traditional practices with modern resource management. We coordinated these efforts with local government agencies tasked with combating poachers and other external threats.

We consider this an investment in Nepal’s future, as well as an investment in ourselves. We’re as much a part of the honey ecosystem as the bees, the cliffs, and the vast rhododendron fields that stretch out across the mountainside. We must work to keep the system in balance. By doing so, we help to ensure that the world can enjoy the wonderful benefits Himalayan cliff honey has to offer for years to come.

Are there easier ways to harvest mad honey than hanging from a rope ladder 300 feet above the ground? Possibly. But the old ways guarantee our bees have the time and protection they need to keep the honey flowing, and that goal supersedes any other considerations. Once you try a spoonful of genuine Honey Nepal honey, we think you’ll agree.