Our Traditional Himalayan Cliff Honey Can Now Be Yours

No one understands what Himalayan cliff honey means to the people of Nepal better than those that have been harvesting it, and enjoying its benefits, for thousands of years. That’s why we started Honey Nepal. We’re a small collective of Nepali honey hunters and beekeepers working to keep these time-honored traditions alive and bring this ancient blessing into the modern world.

The bees that create our prized “mad honey” have kept their vigil for millennia, hundreds of feet up sheer cliff walls, dutifully converting the nectar of the local rhododendron species into medicinal honey unlike any other. These bees are central figures in our culture, traditions, and beliefs. We’re dedicated to honoring their efforts with sustainable production methods that benefit those involved in these most difficult harvests.

Why is sustainability so important? Because honey harvesting is our livelihood. It’s weaved deeply through our cultural heritage and forms the cornerstone of our traditional medicine. The bees do their part, and so must we, protecting them from poachers while guarding against overharvesting. Himalayan cliff honey is some of the purest, more potent mad honey available. Harvesting it requires death-defying ladder skills. It’s critical that only traditional harvesting methods are used to ensure the hives, and our people, aren’t harmed.

We also believe that fair practices are essential to the creation of an ethical market. Our suppliers are always paid equitably for their harvests. We employ a Napali staff working in Nepal for the betterment of the Nepali people. Every decision we make factors the good of the bees and our people first and all other considerations second.

This practice is good for us, certainly, but it’s also good for you because it will grant you access to the finest mad honey far into the future.

Sustainable Production Requires Constant Commitment

We don’t just believe in an ethical, sustainable mad honey market. We’re building it every day, making necessary investments to protect our suppliers’ futures. Honey Nepal is certified by the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture, and we don’t take this honor lightly.

Our Honey Hunting Fund exists to give back to the ecosystem that’s given us so much. With each jar of Himalayan cliff honey sold, we’re committing a dollar to the protection of our ancient honey hunting traditions. On top of this, we’re adding all of the proceeds from the sale of our pashmina shawls. In concert with the Nepalese government, this fund’s efforts will help drive out poachers and ensure a stable supply of Nepal’s famous, mystical honey.

Why Himalayan Cliff Honey is So Important

Himalayan cliff honey contains a mild sedative called “grayanotoxin,” which, at the proper dosage, grants the user a wonderfully euphoric feeling that can last throughout the day. Have a small spoonful before bed to drop easily into a peaceful, refreshing sleep. Wake up the following day with no side effects.

The Nepalis use mad honey to treat a range of conditions, including headaches, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. It grants us clarity and focus during the day and a restful night’s sleep. You’ll feel more at home in your skin than you ever have before. The feeling is difficult to describe if you’ve never experienced it, so try it for yourself. Allow Honey Nepal to share our traditional honey practices with you