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Honey Nepal

Handcrafted Nepalese Pashmina Shawl

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Handcrafted Nepalese Pashmina Shawl

All Proceeds From the Sale of This Shawl Go to Benefit Our Honey Hunting Fund


Pashmina is quite possibly the planet’s most comfortable fabric. This ancient textile offers unrivaled softness, warmth, and elegance. Shawls made from this exclusive fiber are world-renowned, not just for their comfort, but also for their peerless designs. Artisans from across the centuries have used this canvas to create intricate patterns that are a feast for the eyes and comfort for the soul.


Our handcrafted Nepalese pashmina shawls follow this proud lineage. You’ll find yourself wrapped in luxury. You can take pride in their premium, hand-woven texture vibrant color palette. The hand-knotted tassels add grace and polish as well as an additional layer of comfort. It may just be the most comfortable shawl you’ve ever owned.


Best of all, by purchasing this lovely example of traditional craftsmanship, you’ll be directly benefiting the culture that created it. That’s because we’re donating all of the proceeds from the sale of these shawls to our Honey Hunting Fund. 


The fund exists to support our local honey hunters and beekeepers in their efforts to conserve one of our region’s most precious commodities — our genuine Himalayan cliff honey, or “mad honey,” as it’s known colloquially. Honey Nepal’s mad honey follows strict quality and efficacy guidelines and, like our shawl, helps support the local community. We’re donating a dollar to the fund for every jar we sell. We’re working to ensure that this mind-expanding honey, and the culture that produces it, take the place they deserve in the modern world.



What is Pashmina?

Pashmina is a wool-based textile made from the soft undercoat of certain goat species. Nepalese pashmina comes from the chyangra goat, a species found only in the remote mountains of the Himalayas. The animal develops its thick, warm undercoat to survive the treacherously cold conditions. 


Many consider Nepalese pashmina to be the crown jewel of this class of fabric. Its rich texture and surprising durability make it perfect for a special night on the town or for daily use. It adds a touch of elegance to any outfit it’s paired with.


Don’t be fooled by look-alikes. Many manufacturers will use sheep’s wool in place of proper pashmina. It’s less expensive and easier to source. However, there’s no mistaking the difference. Sheep’s wool is a poor substitute for genuine pashmina, particularly when the fabric is made by local artisans steeped in the textile’s deep history.


Our shawls are 70% pashmina and 30% silk. Pashmina allows the garment to drape sumptuously across your form, wrapping you in contended comfort. Silk adds additional refinement, giving the fabric an elegant luster that can appear almost incandescent in the right light.


We source our fabric ethically and sustainably, working to help maintain a healthy goat population. Like our honey, we believe these animals a gift, one that we shouldn’t take lightly. Now that gift can be yours. Bring our traditional Nepalese pashmina shawl home today and support a worthy cause.